Our Services

From M&A and joint venture advisory to project finance, each of Alyra’s service offerings is underpinned by core competencies. With solid experience in the energy markets and financing execution, Alyra brings a comprehensive perspective to each of the areas.

   M&A Deal Facilitation

  • Identify early acquisition targets
  • Avoid competitive auctions
  • Identify transactional match
  • Facilitate deal execution/negotiation

   Strategy Advisory

  • Identify critical emerging issues
  • Identify “first mover” advantages
  • Risk diversification strategies
  • Identify joint venture opportunities

    Project Finance

  • Identify markets
  • Optimize structure
  • Strategize market approach
  • Assist in execution

Alyra Core Competencies

    Significant Industry Network
  • Decades-long relationship with developers and investors
  • Access to proprietary and bilateral deal flow
  • Intimate knowledge of pricing terms

    Knowledge of Market Drivers

  • Renewable energy industry
  • Bank market
  • Institutional investor market
  • Policy and regulation

    Deep Execution Experience

  • Financing strategy
  • Transaction structuring
  • Transaction execution
  • Restructuring